A new app that records you bladder health: iP Voiding Diary released

Your first aid in bladder problems

The Dutch app-builder Synappz Medical Apps has chosen the SXSW conference in Austin (TX) to launch its first medical app iP Voiding Diary. With this app, patients can create a urological micturition list within the privacy of their own bathroom and the confidentiality of their own smartphone. A micturition list is used by doctors to know if your body's water balance is OK. So far such lists were always pen-and-paper based. But now there's an app for that. And it's no longer just for doctors.

What does the app do?

The app makes a digital voiding diary by recording drinks, pees and urine leaks. A digital diary overcomes many of the disadvantages of classical paper-based voiding diaries.

Who can use the app?

The app can be downloaded by consumers at home with an iPhone. Doctors can pre-install the app on a hospital-owned iPod-touch and lend that to their patients for 1 or more days.

What makes the app unique?

Data entry is a matter of a few clicks and can be done by anyone. The output is a spectacular infographics pdf-report, visualizing the user's water balance.

Invented by a professional urologist

Erich Taubert, urologist at the Slingeland Hospital (Doetinchem, The Netherlands), initiated the development of iP Voiding Diary. He felt that paper-based voiding diaries were difficult to handle for his patients and difficult to interpret for himself as a medical professional. 

Built by a specialized app builder

Synappz Medical Apps (holding offices in Waardenburg, The Netherlands) translated the needs of doctor Taubert into an app that sets new standards in medical data collection and reporting. Synappz was recently nominated for eHealth Start-Up of the Year 2012 by the Doctors 2.0 Conference in Paris.

For consumers at home, iP Voiding Diary is their first aid in bladder problems.

For medical professionals, iP Voiding Diary is the new standard in voiding diaries.

" "The biggest problem in my clinic? Shame! People just wait too long before seeking medical advice. That's why I see iP Voiding Diary as urological first aid at home."" Dr. Erich Taubert, urologist
""Every day, I see intimate relations being ended or suffering from bladder problems. Then I think: I could have prevented that if they had asked me sooner."" Dr. Erich Taubert, urologist
""Filling in a voiding diary is the starting point for all of my diagnostic programs. For that reason I now ask patients to fill in a digital voiding diary prior to visiting me. That gives me a good picture of their problems even before I see them."" Dr. Erich Taubert, urologist
""Medical data belong to the patient. But then at least explain them in a way that the patient understands the meaning of those data. So not in endless tables with numbers, but through intuitive images and infographics."" Dr. Erich Taubert, urologist
""My patients are often a little bit older and not used to typing in data on a smartphone. But with this app that is not an issue, anyone can do this. And that Demo Mode is great; my nurses use it to show the patient how to fill in the required info in the app. And if they want, patients can practice further at home before they actually start recording their personal data."" Dr. Erich Taubert, urologist
""We live in a digital age, but we still use pen and paper to fill in micturition lists. Well, not any more in my clinic; we've fully switched to digital diaries. And it's so simple: just buy yourself a couple of hospital-owned iPods and you're ready to go."" Dr. Erich Taubert, urologist
About Synappz

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